Candles can be a simple way to add color and atmosphere to your home.  Whether you're looking to enhance your bedroom, living room or even the bathroom, candles are an effortless way to create a calm and serene setting.

Hear are 5 benefits to burning candles in your home:

There are options, Real vs Flameless

There's power in the soft illumination of the candles flame, along with a scent that can trigger good feelings and a sense of nostalgia.

Flameless candles are ideal for any situation where an open flame is a concern, such as in an office or hospital setting, or anywhere kids might be playing.   

Ease of Use

Candles are easy to use.  All it takes is the strike of a match or the spark of a lighter and you're all set. However, never let a candle burn more than 3-4 hours and never leave a candle unattended!


The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. I love a scent that makes me feel relaxed or brings back a memory like grandma’s cooking! Some common candle scents that create a relaxing atomosphere are lavender, vanilla, ylang-ylang, chamomile, jasmine, coconut and lemon.

Health Benefits

Not only do candles help reduce anxiety and stress, they also help to induce sleep (NEVER, EVER leave a candle burning while you sleep or unattended).  Beeswax candles produce negative ions that help to neutralize pollutants in the air, which can ease allergy and asthma symptoms and improve breathing.

Home Decor, obviously.

Candles can be used to create beautiful centerpieces or can be a statement piece in any room, depending on size and type of vessel.

I don't know many folks that hate a candle.  Everyone loves candles and hopefully the above benefits of inspired you to refresh your current collection.