How to Repurpose Your Empty Candle Jars

I am a lover of candles and home fragrances, especially those that come in beautiful vessels, because they smell and look lovely. But what do you do with the jar once the candle is gone? Don’t panic!  You can send your candles back to us and get a refill of your favorite scent (see HERE) or you can remove those last traces of wax and use some of the ideas below. 

One of the easiest ways to repurpose a candle jar is to turn it into a vase, as seen above. Since it will probably take only a few blossoms to fill the jar, this is a budget-friendly way to indulge in fresh flowers.

Another idea that will help organize and clear up space on your bathroom vanity is to use your jars for makeup and hair accessories. Collect items like hair pins, lip pencils and lip gloss, or whatever looks pleasing to you, and make it easy to find things (plus, it’ll look more purposeful).  Larger candle jars are great for holding makeup brushes: smaller ones can hold Q-tips and cotton pads.

Candle jars are also the perfect size for planting small succulents (Just be careful not to overwater.) 


Do you just want your favorite scent refilled? Check out our Re+Candle refill program HERE.